The 18-kilometer Mazeri-Mestia hiking route takes around 9 to 10 hours and is one of the most beautiful in Svaneti Region. Mazeri village, along this route, is the abandoned settlement of Guli, Guli Pass, and Mestia.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti


The route starts in the village of Mazeri, located in the valley of the Dolrachala River in Svaneti Region, at an altitude of 1,660 meters.

From Mazeri you will first approach the village of Baghvdanari, and after it, you will pass through the abandoned Guli village, where you can pay a visit to the church of the Archangel Gabriel, an architectural monument of the 10th century.

Now we are on our way to the Guli pass, one of the slopes of Mount Ushba. The height of the pass is 2954 meters above sea level. From the pass, the hiking trail continues in the direction of Koruldi Lakes and a nearby ridge. After reaching a crossroad on the ridge, the route descends, loses 1400 meters vertically and arrives at the picturesque town of Mestia.

The route can be supplemented with a hike to the mountain lakes of Koruldi by following the uphill from the crossroad.


The town of Mestia is famous for its ancient fortress towers. The towers of Mestia make an appearance in one of the Japanese director and screenwriter, Hayao Miyazaki’s animes, Laputa: Castle in the Sky. 

We recommend spending the night in a local hotel in Mestia and trying some traditional Svan cuisine.

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