Meore Balda Village – Toba Waterfall – Oniore Waterfall – Meore Balda Village

The Meore Balda Village - Toba Waterfall - Oniore Waterfall - Meore Balda Village loop is a one-day hiking route during which you will see two beautiful waterfalls. Swimming is permitted at both waterfalls, and there is tourist infrastructure such as picnic sites and camping areas set up at each of them.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Meore Balda Village

The hike starts in the village of Meore Balda, where you will start near the monastery and head towards Toba Waterfall. 

After approximately two hours, you will arrive at your destination. While the distance is only five kilometers, the somewhat difficult route means that it is best to be accompanied by an experienced guide or a local who knows the area.

Toba Waterfall

There are twelve caves in the Toba River Basin, with the second being the largest of them. This cave is named after the Georgian geologist, Arsen Okrojanashvili, who died tragically in 1965 while researching the cave.

The river, flowing out of the cave, created the Toba Cascade Waterfall, which, at 234 metres, is the highest in Georgia. There is a steep, single-file walking path that will take you up to the midsection of the waterfall.

Oniore Waterfall

The path then continues on towards the first Toba Cave, from which the beautiful, 84 meters high, Oniore Waterfall flows. The location is surrounded by Colchic box-trees, conjuring up a mystical feeling for the whole of the route. It’s only a one-hour hike distance between Toba and Oniore waterfalls.

The whole path is clearly signposted.

The waterfalls can be best experienced in spring, autumn and summer. You can spend the night in the nearby town of Martvili, which is just sixteen kilometres from the village.

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