Mestia Paragliding

Fly the skies of Mestia and see all of Svaneti from above.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Flight route

There are two paragliding routes in Mestia: from Jvari mountain, on the way to the Koruldi Lakes, and from Zuruldi mountain.

The flight from Jvari mountain starts 2,288 meters above sea level. Shortly after takeoff, you're at 1,000 meters above sea level. Now that’s a sharp drop!

The flight from Zuruldi mountain starts at 2,290 meters above sea level, heading toward Mestia. This flight can end at the Hatsvali cable car or the Mestia landing area. 

While flying, you get a 360° panoramic view of the Caucasus, the Mestia towers, churches, and villages. 


Flights from Jvari mountain in Mestia start in late spring when the road is clear, and the season lasts throughout summer and autumn. In winter, you reach the flight area by snowmobile.

From Zuruldi mountain, paragliding is possible in winter, when the Hatsvali cable car is working. 

Who can fly

Minimum weight: 30 kg 

Maximum weight: 220 kg 

Paragliding is adapted for disabled people but minors can only fly with written parental consent. 


Fly with a pilot certified by the Georgian Paragliding School. 

Both the pilot and the passenger should wear a helmet, sunglasses, and closed-toed sports shoes. In summer, wear a light jacket but during other seasons, warmer clothes are essential. If necessary, the pilots will provide clothing. You can film the flight with a GoPro camera or you can ask the pilot to film it. 

Before your fly with a qualified pilot, the instructor briefs you on the process.

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