Mikheil Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre

Mikheil Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre

Nowadays, many theaters in Georgia no longer have a curtain, so there is no separation between the audience and actors. The art is not hiding behind the curtain - and it started in 1978 with the experimental theater studio founded by Georgian director Mikheil Tumanishvili (1921-1996).

What Makes the Mikheil Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre Special?

Before entering the building, you pass by a unique monument of Tumanishvili himself. The theater has a permanent troupe, with the core of actors personally trained by the famous director.

There are 35 shows in the repertoire that comprise classical and modern plays by Georgian and foreign authors such as, “Die Hamletmaschine” by Heiner Müller, “King Lear” by William Shakespeare, “Habiter Le Temps” by Rasmus Lindberg, “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder, and Rezo Gabriadze”, and “You really can’t fly” by Ian Taate.

The theater also has an exhibition area, an art café, and a small hall that is dedicated to theatrical experiments and studio works.


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