Mirveti Arched Bridge

Mirveti Arched Bridge

About twenty-seven kilometers from Batumi, in the tiny village of Mirveti, there js a turn in the Achartistkali River, where visitors can find a historical arched bridge. Like almost every arched bridge in Adjara, Tamar’s Bridge is named for the great reformer and politician, Queen Tamar.

The twelve-meter-long bridge was built in the 11th and 13th centuries, using natural pillars as supports. Its width at the center is two meters, while the broader ends are between 3.5 and 4.2 meters wide. At its apex, it stands five meters above the river.

Cyclists visiting the Mirveti Arched Bridge are in for a treat, as the bike path leads you straight to the iconic landmark. Equipped with a mountain bike and a guide, you can make the journey from Batumi out to the bridge.

As you whizz through the ancient subtropical forest, you’ll find many idyllic spots for a picnic, as well as the lovely Mirveti Waterfall at the end of your journey. It’s the perfect place to cool off!


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