Mountain Climbing: Chiukhi Massif

Both beginner and experienced mountain climbers can climb Chiukhi Massif peaks. It is mandatory to hire a professional guide to lead the way. 

Characteristics of the Massif

Chiukhi Massif is in Kazbegi Municipality, in the Caucasus Mountains of Khevi, near the source of the Bakurkhevi river.

There are seven peaks on the rocky slopes and cliffs of the Chiukhi Massif, each with its height and difficulty. With the numerous options, beginner climbers can find the proper route.

The Routes of Chiukhi

The Chiukhi Massif peak heights:

  1. Asatiani – 3,842 meters above sea level;

  2. Kameroni – 2,733 meters above sea level;

  3. Leonidze – 3,746 meters above sea level;

  4. Javakhisvhili – 3,733 meters above sea level;

  5. Rcheulishvili – 3,642 meters above sea level;

  6. Takaishvili – 3,422 meters above sea level;

  7. Tikanadze – 3,436 meters above sea level.

The certified guide will decide on a route that best fits your experience level.

Additional Information

The best time to climb the Chiukhi Massif peaks is during summer.

The road to Chiukhi Massif begins from Juta village, 20 kilometers away from Stepantsminda town, 2,100 meters above sea level. Your chosen route begins where the paved road ends.

From there, it is ten kilometers to the camping area, which is 2,592 meters above sea level and covered in vegetation. The camping area has a small lake nearby and fresh water available.

From Chiukhi Massif, hike through Chiukhi pass to Khevsureti Region, and find yourself in Roshka village.

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