Mount Mtatsminda

Mtatsminda is the highest and most famous mountain around Tbilisi, standing at 770 meters tall. If you climb up, you get a bird’s-eye view of the city. Surrounding sites include an amusement park, restaurants, attractions for the whole family, a church, and a Pantheon for those who are interested in history. You can go by car or by taking the beautiful funicular, the mountain-cable car railway built in 1905.

The History of Mtatsminda

The name “Mta Tsminda” (which means “holy mountain”) is connected to the holy father Davit Garejeli. He came to Georgia to preach Christianity in the 6th century and settled on this mountain first.

If you want to see Tbilisi from his perspective, you should visit Mamadaviti (Father Davit’s) Church, which was built at the end of the 19th century. Near Mamadaviti Church, the Pantheon of Georgian Public Figures was opened in 1929 to honour the famous writers and artists of the country. 

The Sites

Two of the symbols of Tbilisi – the TV Tower (the Spindle) and the gigantic Ferris Wheel – stand atop Mtatsminda and you can see them from any point in the city before climbing up. The types of attractions in Bombora Amusement Park bring in children, families, and those wanting extreme adventure!

In the three-story funicular building, one of the architectural landmarks of Tbilisi, you will find a wide culinary selection, in its restaurant, café, and lounge bar. The surrounding pine forest is the perfect place to go for a walk too. There are several trails going towards Turtle Lake (Kus Tba), Sololaki neighborhood and Narikala Fortress.

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