Mukhuri - Tobavarchkhili Lakes - Khaishi

One of Georgia’s most popular trekking routes leads to Tobavarchkhili and is an adventure that is one for the books. It is recommended to hire a professional, certified guide who knows this route very well.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Information about the Route

First, head to the village of Mukhuri in the Chkhorotsku Municipality where you can spend the night and recharge in family-run guest houses. In the morning, be sure to have a traditional breakfast of Megrelian khachapuri, Georgian tea, and local honey.

The route begins in the Khobistskali River valley, where a cave, a forest, mineral water, alpine lakes, waterfalls, and mountain peaks are tucked together.

Locals provide a driving service by off-road cars that covers the first 22-kilometer section. It takes about two hours, and you can enjoy the magical views around you. From there, transfer your bags to a horse to continue along a 12-kilometer path over wildflower fields. 

As you just become tired, a shepherd’s house appears, or as the locals call the summer huts, a  “kare”. Taste elarji, mountain milk, delicious Georgian cheese, and matsoni, then set up your tents, and wait for sunrise. The area is void of light pollution so be sure to look up and marvel at the stars scattered across the sky.

As you continue uphill in the morning, you will need to cross a mountain pass, covered in snow. On the way, you can enjoy the view at the highest peak of Samegrelo Region, Mt Tsashikibuli (3,016 m). Sharp descent starts after crossing the pass and soon after you will be amazed by the spectacular scenery of the Tobavarchkhili Lake. Pitch your tent near the lake and bask in its silvery-blue tranquility.

Mukhuri - Tobavarchkhili Lakes - Khaishi trail is 75 km long an it takes from 5 to 6 hiking day to cover it. The best period for it is between July and September.

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