Napichkhovo - Mt. Migaria

If you’re an avid hiker visiting Georgia in the spring, summer, or autumn, plan a trip to the village of Napichkhovo and take a hike up to Migaria Mountain and enjoy breathtaking views over the Samegrelo Region.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Day 1: Napichkhovo Village - Mt. Migaria

Napichkhovo is an ancient village in the Samegrelo Region, whose history, according to the folk tales, starts back in Colchis during the time of King Aeëtes. 

The hiking trail starts from this green-swathed village and heads towards Mt. Migaria. On the way, you will pass through the beautiful forests of mountainous Kolkheti (Colchis) and after about fifteen kilometres you will reach the shepherds’ hut, where you can make camp and refill drinking water from the stream. This is also a great place to take a rest and have a snack before continuing the trail toward the mountain, following a narrow footpath. 

Mt. Migaria is one of the highest peaks of the Egrisi Mountain range, at a height of 2,026 meters above sea level. This beautiful mountain also has ties to the religious beliefs of locals, according to which, the archangels Michael and Gabriel are considered to be protectors of shepherds and the mountain.

From the peak of the mountain, you will have an amazing view of Colchis Lowland. From here, the route goes back to the camp, where you can take a well-needed rest, and spend the night.

Day 2: Campsite - Napichkhovo Village

On the second day of the hike, the route returns to Napichkhovo Village following the same trail. 

The plains and limestone cliffs of Migaria are well-known for their endemic species of plants, including the unique Megrelian birch (Betula megrelica), the gorgeous Woronowia (Woronowia speciosa), and others.  

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