Nedzvi Managed Reserve

A part of the Borjomi-Kharagauli Protected Areas, the Nedzvi Managed Reserve is a popular hiking destination. Comprising an area of 8,892 hectares, this breathtaking reserve stands out with its abundance of Caucasian fir trees and as a habitat for lynxes.

The Panoramic Trail in Nedzvi Managed Reserve

One popular element of Nedzvi Managed Reserve is its circular panoramic trails, which connects Akhaldaba Village, Didi Karta Mountain, Shuano Mountain, and Nedzvi Village to one another.

This 32-kilometre loop trail falls under the moderately difficult category and requires two days to complete, but it can also be shortened according to your preferences.

You can find designated camping areas along the route and there is a comfortable tourist cottage close to the Shuano Mountains, which is the best option to spend a night after the first day of the hike. The cottage can accommodate up to twelve people.

What Makes Nedzvi Managed Reserve Unique?

Nedzvi Managed Reserve is famous for its Caucasian fir trees (Abies normanniana) and as a habitat for lynxes. 


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