Nekresi Fire Temple

Nekresi Fire Temple

Astrology was practiced in Georgia in even the most ancient periods of Georgian history. The Fire Temple, also known as The Temple of the Sun, is proof of this.

History and architecture of the temple

This mysterious astrological center and the Zoroastrian temple is located in Kakheti, near the beautiful village of Shilda, recognised for its winemaking.

The Fire Temple is one part of an ancient temple complex, discovered a few decades ago by local farmers while they were working the land. Archaeologists finished excavating the site in 1997.

The Fire Temple itself is square-shaped and each of its sides is fifty metres in length. Owing to the architecture of the building, archaeologists have agreed that the Fire Temple was made to view heavenly bodies and that astrology was taught here.

The temple was probably built in the 2nd century and, as archaeologists have concluded, was destroyed in the 4th century by Christians for being a pagan centre.

Not far from the Fire Temple is the Nekresi Monastery Complex. Here there are churches, a basilica, a wine cellar, a tower, and residences built from the 4th to the 18th century.

So, if you’re interested in seeing both Georgian’s pagan and Christian pasts side by side, this is the perfect place for it!

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