"Night Serenades" International Festival

"Night Serenades" International Festival

"Night Serenades" Festival was founded by the initiative of the internationally recognized Georgian violinist and conductor Liana Isakadze.

What does the international festival "Night Serenades" offer?

The first festival season of "Night Serenades" was opened in Bichvinta in the 80s and was held continuously until 1991. Due to the war in Abkhazia (Abkhazeti), the festival was not held for 18 years.

Since 2009, "Night Serenades" have been held in Ajara. Classical music lovers can listen to internationally recognized musicians every year from August to September on the Batumi seaside.

The international festival is organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Youth of Georgia. The popular festival has been called Batumi-Tbilisi International Festival since 2015, as decided by the Tbilisi City Council.

Since 2011, the noteworthy orchestra "Virtuosos" established by Liana Isakadze has been the main orchestra of "Night Serenades". This collective gained international recognition with charity concerts held in London in 2013, New York in 2014, and Switzerland in 2016.

Thousands of people every year attend "Night Serenades” and tickets go quickly, so don’t hesitate to book far in advance.

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