Niko Nikoladze House-Museum

One of Georgia’s greatest scientists, publicists, and public figures, Niko Nikoladze used his time studying abroad to reform the city of Poti, transforming it into Georgia’s maritime gateway and one of the most picturesque cities in the country. At his house museum in Didi Jikhaishi, you can learn more about his fascinating life.

Poti was an ancient city at the time Niko Nikoladze was born, but the young man’s time abroad allowed him to transform the old port into a dynamic, modern city. He not only spearheaded the installation of electricity and plumbing, but also took an active role in city planning after he was elected mayor in 1894.

In the nearby village of Didi Jikhaishi, the Niko Nikoladze house museum contains more than 1,400 objects relevant to the great man’s life, including a variety of products from across Europe and the Americas. Notable inclusions are one of Kodak’s first cameras, a wind turbine from 1910, a washing machine from Berlin, and a sundial.

So significant was Niko Nikoladze that his house museum was granted the status of Immovable Cultural Monument in 2007.


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