Nogha Fortress

Nogha Fortress

There are four villages in Georgia with the name Nogha. Three of them are in Imereti, while the last one is in Samegrelo. It is there, at the highest point in the village, that the 16th-17th century Nogha Fortress, was built. The fortress was first owned by the Jaianis, then later by the Dadianis.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The Architecture of Nogha Fortress

The fortress complex covers a fairly large area, with an ellipsoidal double wall and four towers. The northern, western, and eastern towers all have a circular floor plan, while the southern tower has a square shape. The fortress was built using many types of stones held together using lime mortar.

Today the towers offer an amazing view of the nearby villages of Chkhorotsku and Martvili, but in the Middle Ages, they would have been used to control the surrounding area.

The fortress is three kilometres from the village, with a dirt road leading to it.


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