Number 32 Zubalashvili Brothers Street

Number 32 Zubalashvili Brothers Street

Political architecture occupies a special place in the diverse architectural heritage of 19th century Georgia, with some remarkable examples surviving to this day.

The History of Tbilisi City Court

Tbilisi City Court was built in 1894 and it is among only a few buildings to continue to serve its original purpose.

The Architecture of the Building

It was designed by the Tbilisi-based architect Alexander Shimkevich (1858-1907). As one of the largest buildings in Tbilisi at the time, it carried special national significance.

Mixing the motifs of the baroque style and Italian palazzos of the late Renaissance, the architect skillfully displayed the eclecticism of the building in precisely-defined proportions and a tasteful design. The building is still considered one of the most outstanding architectural monuments of Georgia.

Its elegant facade and beautifully-crafted interior, as well as its grand entrance, high stairs, and luxurious rotunda still reflect the purposes served by this historic building.

The Building Today

Thanks to rehabilitation projects and the restoration works at various times, the architecture of the building has preserved its authenticity and charm to this day. Now, the building hosts one of the main state bodies of the country, the Supreme Court of Georgia.

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