Nunisi Forest Hotel & SPA

Nunisi Forest Hotel & SPA

Of the many diverse resorts in Georgia, one of the more outstanding examples is the treatment, rejuvenation, and relaxation that Nunisi Forest Hotel and Spa Complex can offer, located in Nunisi Resort, within Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park.

What Makes Nunisi Forest Hotel & SPA Special?

Nunisi is a balneological/climatic resort, meaning it is famed for both its healing waters and its climate. The air around Nunisi is said to be especially potent, due to the area’s mixture of deciduous and evergreen forest. 

The resort is also famed for the healing properties of its water. Nunisi’s waters have no equal in composition or healing properties anywhere in the world. These waters are beneficial for those with problems of the skin or with nervous disorders, while the air is especially helpful for ailments of the lungs and bronchioles. Zvare water, one of the resort’s many treasures, is the best thing to balance out low acidity.

When Should You Visit Nunisi Forest Hotel & SPA?

While you can stay at Nunisi Forest Hotel & Spa at any time of year, spring is an especially good time to visit. At this time, the pine and fir trees are in full bloom, giving the air here its strongest rejuvenating effect.

The resort offers many programs, such as post-COVID rehabilitation, weight loss regimes, yoga, sports programs, and more.

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