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The natural beauty of this far-flung region of Georgia is utterly unique. Here, there are peaks which have proudly watched over the changing centuries, and ranges where an unforgettable adventure awaits any traveler brave enough to undertake the Tusheti-Atsunta-Khevsureti hiking route.

The First Day: From Omalo to Girevi

Your adventure begins in the village of Omalo, descending from there towards Kue. A forest trail takes you across the Nakaicho Range at Ghele Pass, with your 22-24 kilometre hike bringing you to the village of Gerevi to overnight. You can set up your tent at a designated area or, if you want a little more comfort, stay in one of the village’s family-run hotels.

It is important to note that you’ll also be required to register in Girevi with the border police on this day due to your proximity to the Georgia-Russia border. This process takes about an hour to complete.

The Second Day: From Girevi to Kvakhidi

Today, you’ll follow the Kvakhidistskali River Valley out of Girevi, passing through the abandoned settlement of Chontio during the day.

The seventeen kilometre trail is of intermediate difficulty and takes you through a variety of different landscapes, eventually bringing you to Kvakhidi Camp.

The Third Day: From Kvakhidi to Khidotani

From Kvakhidi you’ll head towards Atsunta. Today’s route is fairly difficult, but it is only thirteen kilometers long.

You’ll follow the Kvakhidi River through the valley, where you’ll encounter a number of challenging obstacles: the crossing of the river and the difficult ascent to Atsunta Pass at a height of 3,520 metres above sea level.

Once you’ve completed this arduous pair of activities, you’ll descend to Atsunta Camp at a height of 2,960 metres above sea level, before descending to Khidotani Camp to overnight.

It is here that you’ll also find a border post, where you’ll need to show them the pass you received at Girevi.

The Fourth Day: From Khidotani to Mutso

Today, you’ll descend into the village of Khonichala, pass through the Khonichalistskali River Valley, and eventually make your way to either Ardoti Village or Mutso Village. Both villages offer camping facilities, but Mutso has the added benefit of offering a number of family hotels for weary travelers.

The Fifth Day: From Mutso to Shatili

After leaving beautiful Mutso, you will make your way to the village of Shatili, which is famed for its towers. Seeing these unique fortifications is a fitting end to your multi-day adventure, and you can even spend the night in the fort if you like!

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