Tusheti and Khevsureti are truly outstanding regions of Georgia that attract the curious visitors with their unique landscapes and authentic, traditional lifestyle. Both places are ideal for hiking, allowing you to encounter gorgeous landscapes against the backdrop of centuries-old history. This ambitious four-day hike is rather difficult and takes you across a variety of terrains, but is unquestionably one of the most breathtaking hikes in all of Georgia. And remember, no matter how challenging the hike may be, you’ll find it all worth it once you’re standing 3,000 metres above sea level and embrace mother nature in all its power and beauty.

The First Day: From Omalo to Vardavake Camp

The route begins in the village of Omalo, in the Tusheti region, where the walking trail brings you from the gorge to the pass. Ascending up Gogorata Mountain, you’ll head over the Makratela range, and eventually descend towards Jvarboseli Village. During this part of the route, you will reach a height of about 3,000 metres above sea level.

You can either pitch your tent or spend the night in a family-run guesthouse.

The Second Day: From Vardavake Camp to Alaznista

On the second day you’ll head from Vardavake to Alisgori Village, from where you will have a spectacular view of the Pirikita Alazani Valley. If you go to Sajinchvle, passing through the Alazani Valley, you will find Finnish-style shelters at the top of the valley. 

All told, today’s hike will take about seven to eight hours, and cover twenty-five kilometres.

The Third Day: From Alaznistavi Camp to Kopala Lake

You’ll start your hike today by heading towards Borbalo Mountain. After an hour of hiking south, you’ll be at Sakorno Pass, from where the range will lead you to Borbalo Pass at a height of 3,030 metres above sea level. 

After you savoured the view of Khevsureti, Pshavi, and Tusheti, descend to Kopala Lake, where you’ll find a number of places to camp.

The Fourth Day: From Kopala Lake to Khevsureti

Continue your trip from Kopala Lake, returning to Borbalo Pass and then crossing it to get to Southern Khevsureti. Following the Andaki River Valley, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Khevsuretian villages of Ardoti and Mutso. 

From here the path goes straight to the unique medieval village of Shatili, where your journey is about to end.

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