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Ozurgeti Fine Art Centre

Ozurgeti Fine Art Centre

Lado Gudiashvili, Elene Akhvlediani, Avto Varazi, Gia Gugushvili, Gia Bughadze – these are some of the world-famous artists whose canvases make up a small part of the large collection kept in the gallery of the Ozurgeti Fine Art Centre.

The Ozurgeti Fine Art Centre opened in 1989 and houses both an art museum and photography gallery.

Today, the museum preserves works from Georgian artists of various periods, as well as folk works sought and collected by museum collaborators throughout Guria, including objects such as hand-carved wooden works, antique embroidery, curtains, tapestries, manufactured graphic works, and photography.

Group and individual exhibitions of modern artists are held seasonally in the gallery, as well as exhibitions of new artists, so that local talents can find a wide audience.

So, if you love art, you will certainly find many treasures at the Ozurgeti Fine Art Centre.

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