Paolo Iashvili Theater in Sachkhere

Paolo Iashvili Theater in Sachkhere

Sachkhere Theater, or Paolo’s Theatre for short, is named after Paolo Iashvili, a famous poet and one of the first victims of Soviet repression.

The theater was built in 2001 in Sachkhere Town and soon earned the appreciation of its audience. Many plays have already been put on, with one of the first ones being a psychological drama “Awaiting the End”. The psychological drama was followed by “Colorful Balloons”, “Host and Guest”, “Crime and Punishment”, “The Eccentrics”, and more.

The theater troupe has actively and successfully participated in festivals and competitions. The success of the show “The Eccentrics”, based on a story by the classic Georgian author Revaz Gabriadze, is notable. The show won first prize at the “Theatrical Imereti” festival held in Kutaisi in 2017. Later on, the theater was on tour in Greece, where they put on “Colorful Balloons” on the stage at Alkyon. 

The “Paolo’s Theater” actors travel throughout the whole country, bringing their interpretations of famous plays to life.


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