Papantskivili Lake

Papantskivili Lake

Papantskvili Lake is in the village of Kheta, in the Khobi region, 65 meters above sea level.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Papantskvili Lake is beautiful year-round, but spring and summer are ideal for hiking due to the lush surrounding pine forest. Rain and groundwater continually replenish the lake, keeping it active and alive. Its surface area is 0.62 hectares and its maximum depth is 7 meters.

The locals claim that the lake's water temperature is constant throughout the year, a scientific phenomenon called "homeothermy." The lake’s name comes from an old myth and in Megrelian, Papantskvili means "a drowned priest." The origin of the myth is unknown but it is still a subject of intrigue to locals.

As it is a protected area, any vehicle access is prohibited.

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