Paragliding in Dmanisi

The village of Dmanisi is located in Kvemo Kartli Region, in the Southern Highlands of Georgia, at 1,250 meters above sea level, on the banks of the Mashaveri River. For paragliders, the take-off point is on a mountain in the northwest of the village, 1,849 meters above sea level, near the Dmanisi Monastery of the Cross. This point is 10 km from the center of the village, with a road leading to it. Paragliding is possible near the mountain in the direction of the village, at an altitude of 2,000-4,000 meters. The landing point is in the fields, while the paragliding flight usually takes around 15-20 minutes.
Kvemo Kartli


The best seasons to paraglide in Dmanisi are spring and fall.

Who Can Paraglide?

In order to paraglide, one’s body weight has to be at least 30 kg and no more than 220 kg.

Paragliding at the mentioned location is also available for persons with disabilities.

Minors can only fly with parental consent.


It is recommended to paraglide with a pilot who has a tandem pilot qualification certificate issued by the Georgian Paragliding Federation. The pilot's seat is equipped with a spare parachute, and during the flight, both pilot and passenger wear a helmet.

Wearing sunglasses is also highly recommended. Meanwhile, in summer it is advisable to wear light clothes, and during the rest of the year warm clothes are needed. If needed, the pilot can take care of your clothing. However, you must also wear closed sports shoes.

Capturing the paragliding experience on a GoPro camera is possible, if you request the pilot to do so. 

Before starting a tandem paragliding flight with a qualified pilot, the pilot will provide you with full instructions.

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