Paragliding in Svaneti

While Svaneti is a region famous for its ancient culture and impressive landscapes, one of the most popular activities amongst tourists is something a little more extreme: paragliding over the mountains and fields of the region and seeing it from a whole new perspective! In all, there are five bases for paragliding in Svaneti: Jvari, Hatsvali, Tetnuldi, Becho, and Latali. All five are certified by professionals, and each boasts its own unique selling points.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti


Located just seven kilometres from Mestia, the Jvari launch site can be reached with an SUV in spring, summer, and autumn, or a snowmobile in the winter.

The mountain you take off from is 2,296 meters above sea level. During your flight, you will be able to fly close to Ushba Peak, then from there towards Banguriani Peak, and even down close to some neighboring villages.

The most popular thing is to fly over Mestia, because then you can enjoy amazing views of Mestia and the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains.

Your flight will end in Mestia, in an open field about a five-minute walk away from the centre, with the flight itself lasting anywhere from fifteen to forty minutes.


It is eight kilometers from the center of Mestia to Hatsvali. Both a paved road and the six-seater Hatsvali Resort cable car will get you there.

Hatsvali is a flight location in the winter. The starting point is located 2,330 meters above sea level, at the last stop of the Hatsvali cable car. The flight can end in Mestia or in Hatsvali itself, depending on the weather and the desires of the customer.

The flight lasts from seven to twenty minutes.


It is 15 kilometres from the centre of Mestia to Tetnuldi, which is also a winter flight location.     

To get to the flight location you take the Tetnuldi cable car, bringing you to 3,160 meters above sea level, which is in fact the base of Tetnuldi peak. You can reach a height of 4,000 metres during your flight. The appeal of flying at Tetnuldi is the 360° panoramic view of the Caucasus Mountains.

The flight ends at the first station of the Tetnuldi cable car and typically lasts fifteen to forty minutes.


It is eighteen kilometres to Becho from Mestia, and the village is located at the base of Mt. Ushba. There are a few flight locations here, none of which is farther than a two or three kilometre walk away. The flight starts at a height of 2,100 meters, and you can reach as high as 3,000 to 4,000 meters. This place is a favourite among those who want to combine a hike with a breathtaking flight.

The flight ends at the end of the village’s paved road and lasts ten to thirty minutes.


Latali is eight kilometres from the centre of Mestia. Walking paths lead from the village to a number of flight locations, with a flight height of 1,700 to 1,800 meters. Here you fly over Latali and the landing points are also in the village itself. This place is also ideal for hiking and flying. 

The flight lasts fifteen to thirty minutes.

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