Tetnuldi Ski Resort

For people wishing to ski in pristine, untouched snow, Tetnuldi Ski Resort is a must-visit. Not only does this resort boast a variety of prepared ski trails, but it also allows for freeride skiing between these trails. In fact, the resort played host to the Freeride World Tour qualifying round in February of 2022, and will be an annual stop on the tour going forward.
Distance to the location by road from:
9:00 hr
6:05 hr
5:40 hr

Freeride at Tetnuldi

For the uninitiated, freeride skiing is skiing (or snowboarding) on natural, ungroomed terrain. While many resorts around the world do not encourage freeriding, Tetnuldi markets itself on this freedom. It makes for a truly unique alpine experience.

The most popular of these freeriding routes are the Mulakhi and Adishi communities, where you can ski down into these mountain villages on whatever path you choose. Of course, you’ll need to have the proper equipment and a local guide to advise on conditions, but this kind of freedom is not found at most other ski resorts.

In fact, you can even take the cable car up to 3,160 metres and ski down to the door of your own guesthouse! 

Of course, Tetnuldi also offers all of the modern conveniences you would expect from a ski resort. There are five modern, high-speed, high-capacity cable cars and nine prepared ski routes covering a total distance of thirteen kilometres. These prepared routes are good for intermediate or experienced skiers.

Ski Tours on Tetnuldi

Ski tours are also popular at Tetnuldi, with professional guides on hand to lead you in your exploration of the 4,852 meter high mountain. If skiing on the untouched snow of a glacier is on your bucket list, an overland ski tour from the upper station is a must.

The Infrastructure on Tetnuldi

While the Tetnuldi Ski Resort is well-equipped for skiing, there are comparatively few hospitality objects available on the mountain, with just a few dining options and no hotels. Visitors can opt to stay in a family-run hotel in one of the nearby villages or in the nearby town of Mestia, which has a number of accommodation options.

It is perhaps easiest to get to Tetnuldi from Mestia, with the cable car station a forty-minute drive from the town. Like all of Georgia’s ski resorts, Tetnuldi is covered by the single subscription system, which means you can use one multi-day pass for the cable cars here, in Gudauri, Bakuriani, and Goderdzi.

While in Mestia, don’t forget to indulge in the famous Svan hospitality, sample delicious local cuisine, and see the charming Svan towers that dot the region.

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