Park Resort Tskaltubo

Park Resort Tskaltubo

The motto at the balneological Park Resort Tskaltubo is “Be Healthy”, and its team of highly-qualified doctors make use of a combination of therapeutic and rejuvenating spa procedures to help guests achieve this lofty aspiration.

What is on Offer at Park Resort Tskaltubo?

Being located in Tskaltubo Central Park, consultations at the Park Resort Tskaltubo aim to design multi-day programs aimed at the treatment of a number of debilitating conditions, including scoliosis, polyarthritis, rheumatoid and post-traumatic arthritis, and gout.

The resort’s facilities include a variety of different showers, magnetotherapy, underwater massage, and underwater stretching, all under the watchful eyes of medical specialists with many years of experience.

There is also phonophoresis and pressotherapy, mud therapy, foot, bamboo, and hot stone massages, chocolate masks, Cleopatra (milk) baths, and more.

Whether your desire is healing, relaxation, or beautification, the team at the Park Resort Tskaltubo can design the perfect program for you, all year round!

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