Patara Samsari – Levani Lake – Shaori Fortress – Tambovka

The Samtskhe-Javakheti region is in the south of Georgia, and is very popular amongst people who love hiking and outdoor activities. If you decide to take the Patara Samsari - Levani Lake - Shaori Fortress - Tambovka route in the region, then the startling variety of interesting sites awaits.

Patara Samsari

The route begins in the village of Patara Samsari, which is west of Samsari Mountain, and stands at 2,010 metres above sea level. In the village, you will see a domed church carved into a cave, which dates back to the 8th-9th centuries and connects to caves of various sizes. From the outside, the cave resembles a large cliff or even a boulder. A narrowly-cut entrance draws in people who see it, but you should only visit with the aid of a local guide.

Levani Lake

After exploring Samsari, you will make your way towards the Samsari Range. On the southwestern slope of Godorebi Mountain, you will find Levani Lake, which is at a height of 2,565 metres above sea level. From this height, you’re afforded a beautiful view of the Big and Small Abuli Mountains. In the summer months, the fields between the mountains are alive with colourful wildflowers.

Shaori Fortress

After visiting the lake, you can continue the route down towards the village of Aspara, coming to Shaori Fortress along the way. Shaori Fortress is a megalithic complex from the 2nd millennium BCE and stands on Shaori Mountain at a height of 2,752 metres above sea level.

Ancient settlements have been found at the base of the mountain, with the fortress thought to have been a temporary residence for the chiefs of the tribe, and a shelter during times of war.


From Shaori Fortress, you will continue your descent towards Paravani Lake, where the village of Tambovka stands on its shores, at a height of 2,080 metres above sea level. The village was founded in 1840 by the Doukhobors, a religious group that had been resettled from Russia. The name and a few families still live there to this day.

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