Peaks of Chaukhi

Peaks of Chaukhi

Chiukhi (Chaukhi) Massif is one of the most spectacular and popular mountain sights in Georgia, which attracts visitors from all around the world. The massif is famous for its multiple peaks, which are attractive for both beginners and professional climbers.


Chiukhi (Chaukh) Massif is located in Kazbegi Municipality and is a part of the Eastern Caucasus. The massif has several summits, with multiple routes of different categories to climb them.

Among the summits are:

  • Asatiani. 3842 m.

  • Leonidze. 3746 m.

  • Javakhishvili. 3733 m.

  • Rcheulishvili 3624 m.

  • Tikanadze. 3436 m.

  • Takaishvili. 3424 m.

The massif works as a border as well, and it rises up between two areas of Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region. One side of it is Khevi and on one other side is Khevsureti.

How to reach Chiukhi Massif?

One of the hiking routes leading to Chiukhi Massif starts in the village of Juta, located 2200 meters above sea level and is one of the highest settlements in Europe.

The village can be reached by dirt road and from there, begins a 4 km hiking trail that goes up to the foothill of the massif, at the so-called base camp. Mountaineers, interested in climbing the peaks usually camp here.

This hiking trail is relatively easy to cover and is very popular among hikers and nature lovers.

On the trail, you will also see Juta Lake and have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. It takes about 1.5 hours to cover the trail.

Chiukhi Massif can be reached from Khevsureti as well. A 6-kilometer long, easy hiking trail starts in the village of Roshka, at an altitude of about 2000 meters, and leads to colourful Abudelauri Lakes (in this case, the green and blue lake). On the way, you will also see  - Roshka Boulders, a huge glacial erratic (“wandering”) boulders, one of which reaches 11 meters in height.

The best time for visiting the massif is from June to September.

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