Phartskhvisi Fortress - Historic monument of medieval architecture

Phartskhvisi Fortress - Historic monument of medieval architecture

In Kvemo Kartli region, and specifically in the village of Phartskhvisi in Tetritskaro municipality, on a small hill stands Phartskhvisi Fortress, an historic monument dating back to the 10th-11th century.
Kvemo Kartli

Phartskhvisi Fortress - History and Structure

Materials conveying information about this fortress appeared from the time of King Bagrati IV (11th century) who laid the foundations for a strong 12th century for the Kingdom of Georgia. 

During those days, Georgia was constantly war with the Byzantine and Seljuk Empires. 

One of the most famous battles of the era occurred at this location where Giorgi II, the successor of Bagrati IV, defeated the Seljuk Empire. 

When an enemy invaded, such fortresses served an important strategic function. In this particular case, the main highway across Kvemo Kartli was also monitored  and controlled from the fortress.

To the east of the fortress there was once a tunnel approximately 300 meters long, providing access to Phartskhvisistskali River. The main purpose of this tunnel was to ensure a water supply in the event of the fortress being surrounded. 

There are now only some cobblestone remains of the once-mighty fortress. However, once you arrive here, you can still enjoy beautiful vistas and imagine how locals must have felt as enemy forces suddenly appeared. 

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