Poka Monastery

Poka Monastery

On the shores of Paravani Lake in Samtskhe-Javakheti region there is a small place, where Saint Nino who brought Christianity to Georgia, rested for two days and nights on her long way from Cappadocia to Mtskheta. This is now St. Nino Monastery in Poka.

The History of the Monastery

Saint Nino is said to have experienced a miraculous vision while staying here. She saw a man with a bright face, who handed her a document bearing the seal of the Saviour. The man commanded Nino to go to Mtskheta and give this document to the King. Without hesitation, Nino said a prayer to the Holy Virgin and continued her way towards Kartli.

Poka St. Nino Monastery, a monument of Georgian architecture, dates back to the 11th century. Despite its small size, Poka is one of the most important monuments of Javakheti area, standing out for its artistic value. 

A monastery was opened there in 1989 and in 1992 the nunnery was established too. At the moment, the nuns produce fantastic cheese, chocolate and other treats. You can taste and buy them as a delicious souvenir from a holy place.

The Artwork of the Monastery

The church is a hall-type church, with ornamented doors and windows. Fragments of ancient artwork have been preserved in its interior. In terms of technical skill and the artistic value of its ornamentation, Poka Church is one of the most outstanding monuments in Javakheti.

The church, which had been damaged over the course of time, has now been completely restored. In front of its eastern façade, in the place where Saint Nino first set foot in Georgia, a small memorial obelisk made of hewn stone has been erected.

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