One-Day Kvemo Kartli Tour
You definitely should take a trip through this region, with its rich culture, because you will come across a rich cultural heritage, archeological sites, nature famed for its beauty, and relics of a centuries-old history. The tour of Tsalka Canyon, Samshvilde Settlement, and Asureti will certainly make you feel something unique.
1Tsalka (Dashbashi) Canyon Natural Monument
There is a place in southern Georgia that attracts adventure-seekers and adrenaline junkies wishing to experience the thrill of looking at a unique ecosystem from the ultramodern suspension bridge. Tsalka Canyon, also known as Dashbashi Canyon, is an eight-kilometre long canyon whose waterfalls, walking trails, and natural beauty make it a must-see for any nature enthusiast.
2Samshvilde - One of the oldest ruins of the Caucasus region
The Samshvilde ruins, often called the “Orbisa Fortress,” are an archaeological treasure. They are one of the oldest ruins in the Caucasus region, distinguished by their architecture, terrain, appearance, and particular structure.
3Historic remains of Samshvilde city
A retrospective of Georgian culture awaits in Kvemo Kartli, 15 kilometers away from Tetritskaro. High on the hill, explore the ancient city ruins of Samshvilde.
Tsalka is a region of mountains, lakes, historical monuments, and archaeological treasures. The municipality in eastern Georgia, spread across the Trialeti mountain range, is especially interesting for those seeking an active vacation.
Believe it or not, you can experience a little bit of Germany while travelling through Georgia. For this, you should visit the village of Asureti, located in Tetritskaro municipality, on the banks of the Asuretiskhevi River.
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