Samshvilde - One of the oldest ruins of the Caucasus region

Samshvilde - One of the oldest ruins of the Caucasus region

The Samshvilde ruins, often called the “Orbisa Fortress,” are an archaeological treasure. They are one of the oldest ruins in the Caucasus region, distinguished by their architecture, terrain, appearance, and particular structure.
Kvemo Kartli

The Samshvilde monument is east of  Samshvilde village, on the natural cape between the Chivchava and Khrami rivers. Samshvilde thrived in IV-III centuries B.C. and its long history is preserved above and underground. In archeological studies of Samshvilde, Georgian and foreign university students actively work with professional archaeologists, and on several occasions, they’ve discovered many artifacts.

Throughout archeological digs, they discovered 22 monuments belonging to the chalcolithic, late bronze, Hellenistic, and medieval periods. A wooden box discovered during the excavation had XII-XIII century coins, bars, and copper plates that were used as money. This discovery indicates the use of a functional treasury during this time.

Archeological excavations continue today and according to scientists, each discovery will explore new research foundations for field specialists. 

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