One-Day Tour in Bolnisi and Dmanisi
On this easy, one-day tour, you will go to Bolnisi and Dmanisi, full of historical adventures, where you will see exceptionally amazing and diverse cultural monuments, have the opportunity to relax in nature, and see the lifestyles of the first Europeans unfold in panoramas and museum exhibits before your very eyes.
1Bolnisi Sioni
The town of Bolnisi in Kvemo Kartli Region is famous for it’s gold and tuff stone mining, great wine, story of Georgian Germans and some important Christian worship sites. One of those is the church named after the Dormition of the Mother of God, also known as Bolnisi Sioni, one of the oldest and most important monuments of ancient Georgian architecture.
2Dmanisi - Home to the First Europeans
Dmanisi, located 85 kilometers from Tbilisi, is of phenomenal interest to the world’s archaeologists. Crucially, this is where Zezva and Mzia - the first European hominids - were discovered. This discovery was made in 1991, and science journals later named the discovery Homo Georgicus and featured it among the 10 greatest discoveries.
3Tsughrughasheni Church
This light, airy, colourful church stretches up towards the sky and projects a sense of peacefulness and tranquillity. Tsughrughasheni Church always leaves an indelible impression on you, no matter whether you're seeing it for the first time or you've been here for many times before. Tsughrughasheni Church stands on the right bank of the Bolnisistskali River, near the village of Bolnisi in the Kvemo Kartli Region.
Bolnisi is one of the most important agricultural municipalities of Georgia. The environment here is very beneficial for growing crops. The residents harvest thier veggies three times a year! Aside from its agricultural potency, locals are also keen to show the houses of German settlers to any visitors.
A visit to Dmanisi is like a trip back in time. You’ll find yourself in the land of people who lived here 1.8 million years ago - a land of sabre tooth tigers, the Ice Age, and of cave houses from a forgotten age. Gold hoards have been found beneath the earth, while grand architectural monuments stand atop it. This ancient settlement in southern Georgia holds many of humanity’s secrets buried in its depths. Archaeologists have come across traces of ancient civilizations in the various soil layers of Dmanisi since excavations began in 1936, attracting the attention of academics from across the world.
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