Tsughrughasheni Church

Tsughrughasheni Church

This light, airy, colourful church stretches up towards the sky and projects a sense of peacefulness and tranquillity. Tsughrughasheni Church always leaves an indelible impression on you, no matter whether you're seeing it for the first time or you've been here for many times before. Tsughrughasheni Church stands on the right bank of the Bolnisistskali River, near the village of Bolnisi in the Kvemo Kartli Region.
Kvemo Kartli

History and Artwork

The inscriptions on the church indicate that it was built in the 13th century, during the reign of King Giorgi IV, also known as Lasha-Giorgi.

Having been built out of natural gold colour, dark purple, and blue stones the church has beautiful proportions and an abundantly decorated facade. The high and narrow drum on which the dome is based is unusually tall for Georgia. There are ten windows cut into the dome, and the frames of the windows are decorated with intricate carvings.

Only fragments of the interior artwork are preserved. A bas-relief cross is depicted on the dome crowning the drum, which, when illuminated by the light coming in through windows, leaves an indelible impression.

The churchyard is surrounded by abundant nature and there is no community living in the immediate vicinity of the place.

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