One-Day Tour in the Dzama Valley
On this one-day tour you will see one of the most significant examples of Georgian architecture, Kintsvisi, distinguished for its high artistic value, an amazing sight to see. You will also take in Ortubani, Mzovreti, and Sarkineti Monasteries, and, at the end of the tour, you will get to see the gorgeous Bateti Lake.
1Mzovreti Monastic Complex
The Mzovreti Monastic Complex proudly stands on the top of the rocky cliff overlooking Dzama River Valley. The ancient fort is protectively embracing a beautiful garden full of flowers with an incredibly picturesque monastery inside. Its red-tiled rooftop, little cobbled paths and abundant greenery give it a truly paradisal look.
2Ortubani Convent - Nativity of the Virgin Mary Monastery Complex
The Ortubani Convent is located at the foot of the hill in Dzama River Valley and belongs to the Mzovreti Fortress Complex, the residence of the local aristocracy, the Tsitsishvili family. It was considered a political center of Shida Kartli Region in the 14th-17th centuries.
3Kintsvisi Monastery
Kintsvisi Monastery stands on a rise of the Dzama River valley, near the lovely village of Kintsvisi in Shida Kartli region. Its construction is connected with the reign of Queen Tamar (1184 - 1212), often called a Golden Age in Georgian culture.
4Sarkineti Monastery
While traveling in Georgia, you will inevitably encounter numerous amazing architectural monuments like centuries-old monasteries built into cliff faces, particularly those of Vardzia, Gareja, and Uplistsikhe.
5Bateti Lake
Bateti Lake, tucked away in a spectacular orchard and surrounded by dense forest, is a place of unmatched beauty. Located twenty-three kilometres from Kareli, this beautiful lake is sure to enchant all who lay eyes upon it.
Lakes, waterfalls, forests, fortresses, and churches-monasteries are among the many highlights that draw visitors to Kareli. Historic and religious monuments harmoniously combined with nature in particular reveal the unique history and character of the Shida Kartli region.
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