Ortubani Convent - Nativity of the Virgin Mary Monastery Complex

Ortubani Convent - Nativity of the Virgin Mary Monastery Complex

The Ortubani Convent is located at the foot of the hill in Dzama River Valley and belongs to the Mzovreti Fortress Complex, the residence of the local aristocracy, the Tsitsishvili family. It was considered a political center of Shida Kartli Region in the 14th-17th centuries.
Shida Kartli

There are several monasteries in Dzama Valley and one of the most interesting and beautiful of them is in the Ortubani Village. The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary was built in the XVII-XVIII centuries.

From the north, east and partially from the west the monastery is surrounded by a wall. The temple, standing in the courtyard, is a hall-type building with a brick vault and an apse. The two-storied bell tower on the western side of the church was built with cobblestones and originally performed the defensive function. The complex also includes a seven-story tower.

A visit to Ortubani is like a visit to a movie set for some medieval drama. The difference is that it’s very peaceful here, and everything is as real as it can be. Don’t miss an opportunity to travel in time - Dzama Valley and its monasteries is less than 2 hours drive away from Tbilisi.

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