Two-Day Kakheti Tour
Come visit Kakheti, famous for its monuments from various different time periods and diverse nature, where you can go see ancient architectural monuments and impressive fortresses. This two-day tour will end up being a Kakhetian adventure for you, introducing you to new places and filling you with emotions.
1Gremi Monastic Complex
Once you are in Kakheti Region, if you take the road from Telavi to Kvareli, after about a 15 to 20-minute drive, you reach Gremi Complex, a 15th-century fortress city built on high ground.
2Gremi Archaeological Complex
What was once a well-developed city in the 15th century, Kakheti is a location that many tourists flock to. The first population around Gremi most likely appeared in the late Bronze Age, but its history as a strategically and politically important city starts in the 15th century.
3Nekresi Fire Temple
Astrology was practiced in Georgia in even the most ancient periods of Georgian history. The Fire Temple, also known as The Temple of the Sun, is proof of this.
4Gremi Fortress
This remarkable fortress, standing atop a rocky ridge for nearly 700 years, proudly overlooks the surroundings of Gremi Village, located in Kvareli Municipality in Kakheti.
5The Palace Museum of King Erekle II
The only royal palace in Georgia that has been preserved to the modern day, the Museum of King Heraclius (Erekle) II is located in the city of Telavi, Kakheti Region. This impressive palace served as the royal residence in the 17th and 18th centuries, and today it houses a museum.
6Old and New Shuamta
Built in a valley among high mountains, the monastery complexes known as Old Shuamta and New Shuamta are outstanding examples of Georgian architecture. Located seven kilometres from Telavi at the foot of Tsiv-Gombori Mountain, these structures take their name from their location, as Shua Mta translates into “among mountains”.
7The Aleksandre Chavchavadze House Museum in Tsinandali
Tsinandali Estate is one of the most exciting destinations in Kakheti that includes a winery and an modest, but beautiful palace, whose history is closely intertwined with that of Prince Aleksandre Chavchavadze’s family. Two branches of Chavchavadze family were immensely influential in 19th-century Georgia, a fact reflected by the number of streets named after them!
Telavi is the cultural center of Kakheti, a medieval city with a long and complex history, neat architecture, a royal palace, verdant surroundings, modern amenities, and hospitable people.
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