Rafting on the Aragvi of Pshavi: Magharoskari – Tvalivi

Rafting on the Aragvi River is an exhilarating adventure, with popular, yet challenging, sections on the Pshavis Aragvi from Magharoskari to Tvalivi.


The Magharoskari-Tvalivi route goes through the Dusheti Municipality, on the eastern part of the Gudamakari Range, at the confluence of the Magharoula and Pshavi’s Aragvi rivers.

The Route

The route starts in the village of Magharoskari, 920 meters above sea level, and ends in the village of Tvalivi, 900 meters above sea level. 

The route is 14 kilometers long and takes 80 minutes to complete.

The Season and Difficulty of the Route

This category III route has a fast current, rapids of medium size, and pits. It requires some maneuvers. 

The rafting season for the route is from April to September. 

The average air temperature in summer is between 20 to 30 degrees. 

How to Get to the Starting Point

Magharoskari Village is 38 kilometers from the city of Dusheti. Minibuses run from Dusheti central station in the first half of the day, every day. You can also organize other transportation options with the rafting tour guides.



Rafting is carried out using 4-6-8-person boats. 


All participants are given life vests and helmets by the instructors. In addition, it is recommended to wear closed sports shoes or water shoes, wetsuit or long-sleeved thermal clothing and sports trousers or shorts, which will not become heavy when wet.


The minimum age to participate is 14.

For Beginners

There will be a professional instructor, who will provide you with necessary advice before rafting. Please keep them in mind during the trip. Also, do not bring any non-waterproof objects with you - you can leave them in the car.

Useful Information

You can pay in cash at the site.

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