Rafting on the Tskhenistskali: Nogha (Dzedzeleti)-Matkhoji

The Nogha-Matkhoji rafting route is ideal for beginners.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti


The Nogha-Matkhoji route starts from the town of Martvili in Samegrelo region, and continues until Khoni municipality in Imereti region. 


Tskhenistskali River is relatively deep and flows across western part of Georgia. The 176-meter-long river originates from the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus in Svaneti Region and flows into Rioni River in the village of Sajavakho. 


The route starts from the village of Dzedzileti, 280 meters above sea level, and continues to the village of Matkhoji, 170 meters above sea level. The length of the route is 12 kilometers, and it takes 80 minutes to complete. 

Difficulty and Season

The route’s difficulty class is III during spring, when the river flow is fast and strong, and you encounter rapids and pits; during the summer, the difficulty rating drops to II when the river flow is not so strong, and you encounter small stones and rapids. 

The minimum age for rafting on this section is 14 years. 

This section can be rafted on during spring and summer (until August 1st). 

How to Get to the Starting Point

The starting point is 25 kilometers from the town of Khoni. You can negotiate transportation arrangements with the rafting club. 


  • Boat

Rafting is carried out using 4, 6 or 8-person boats. 

  • Equipment

All participants are given life vests and helmets by the instructors. In addition, it is recommended to wear closed sports shoes or water shoes, wetsuit or long-sleeved thermal clothing and sports trousers or shorts, which will not become heavy when wet.

 For Beginners

There will be a professional instructor, who will provide you with necessary advice before rafting. Please keep them in mind during the trip.

Useful Information

Famous Prometheus Cave and Okatse Canyon are both located near this route.

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