Rafting on the Rioni: Utsera-Oni

This rafting route on the Rioni River flows through the beautiful Racha region in northern Georgia.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti


The Utsera-Oni section starts in northeastern Racha and continues towards the southwest. 


The Rioni is the deepest river in the country and covers the entire territory of Georgia


The route starts from Utsera resort, 1,050 meters above sea level, and continues until Oni, 830 meters above sea level. It takes one hour to cover this 12-kilometer-long route. 

Difficulty and Season

Between April and May, the Utsera-Oni section has a difficulty rating of 4 as the river flow is fast and strong, and there are holes and so-called stoppers. 

In July-September, the section’s difficulty rating is 3, with a fast flow, rapids, and holes.

To kayak on this route, the minimum age is 18 years. 

How to Get to the Starting Point

You can get to Utsera from Oni by SUV or minibus. Moreover, transportation issues can be negotiated with a local rafting company.

  • Boat

Rafting is carried out on 6-8-person boats. 

  • Equipment

All participants are given life vests and helmets by the instructors. Moreover, it is recommended to wear closed sports shoes and thermal clothing which will not become heavy when wet. Any items which may get damaged by water should not be taken. 

Useful Information

There are 28 types of mineral water in Utsera, which are found above the ground and used for drinking as well as medical purposes.

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