Have you ever dreamed of waking up one beautiful morning in a cottage deep within the woods, the smells and sounds of the forest serving as your alarm clock? Have you ever wanted to see the clouds so close at hand that you could reach out and touch them? Have you ever wondered what it might be like to lay on your back and look up at the unspoiled beauty of the stars? All this and more is waiting for you in Beshumi.
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Where to Find Beshumi

Beshumi stands at 2,000 meters above sea level, in the mountains of Adjara. The journey to Beshumi is every bit as beautiful as the destination. You’ll take a winding path blazed between the mountains by the Acharistskali River, with each bend offering you eye-catching views of colourful villages, ancient shrines, and quaint mountain cottages.

As your path winds inexorably up towards and through Goderdzi Pass, you’ll find yourself in an alpine zone of evergreen pine forests, picture-perfect mountain cabins, and a kingdom of idyllic rural charm. Here in Beshumi, you stand halfway between the sky and the earth.

Resort Season in Beshumi

From June to September, Beshumi is a popular destination for guests looking to escape the summer heat. With its cool mountain air, pure mineral waters, and medicinal mud treatments for the treatment of chronic circulatory, respiratory, and digestive issues, it is a balm in the summer months.

In addition to the beauty of its unspoiled wilderness, Beshumi also offers endless adventures: picnicking, camping, hiking, and horseback riding are all on offer. 

Even more important, however, is the holiday that you can attend on the first weekend in August. Every year Beshumi hosts the Shuamtoba Festival, with numerous cultural events, exhibitions of local food and handicrafts, and various sporting and horse-riding contests. 

Beshumi’s Amazing Cuisine

In Beshumi you’ll also be able to sample Adjara’s famously delicious borano, sinori, pkhallobio, quruti, and khavitsi. If those names seem unfamiliar to you, you are in for a treat. Adjaran cuisine is famed for its decadent flavours.

So, if the summer heat is getting too much to bear, why not book a trip to beautiful Beshumi?


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