Regardless if you spend your vacation alone or with your family, Bobokvati will be the right choice. Its pleasant climate, sea coast, eucalyptus and pine forest make Bobokvati a perfect place for a quiet and healthy vacation.
Distance to the location by road from:
5:35 hr
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2:15 hr

Bobokvati resort

Bobokvati is located seven kilometers away from Kobuleti town, 60 meters above sea level. The combination of sea and forest creates a unique ecosystem where the fresh air will infuse your blood with oxygen and revitalise your body.

With beautiful sea views and a range of hotels that cater to every budget, Bobokvati provides a wonderful environment for a good rest. Stroll along the beach and stop at the cafe bars and restaurants, where you can taste delicious traditional Georgian dishes.

Things to do

Spend the day in part of Batumi’s Botanical Garden, which houses flora collected from different mountainous zones around the world.

You can also visit a monastery named after Saint Ambrosi Khelaia (Ambrosi the Confessor), the Patriarch of Georgia from 1921 – 1927, who defended the Georgian Orthodox Church against the Soviet authorities and was canonized in 1995. 

Another highlight is the Bobokvati Tea Factory, which was built during the Soviet Union. A comparative latecomer to the industry, Georgia first planted tea in 1845 as an experiment, where it grew more slowly than elsewhere, lending it a uniquely sweet, mellow flavor. 

At its height in the 1980s, Georgia was one of the top five tea producers in the world, supplying almost all the tea in the former Soviet Union. Learn about the different stages of the tea production process, from cultivation, picking, processing, and factory packaging.  

An ancient history

Archaeological findings in Bobokvati date as far back to the XII–XI centuries BCE, when the Colchians, the oldest nation in Europe, lived in the area”. The Bobokvati hoard, consisting of a bronze flat axe, a segmented weapon, a billhook and four hoes that, proves that agriculture had developed in Colchis in that era, and that there were a lot of developed settlements along the Black Sea coast.

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