Home to one of the best naturally warm healing sulfur waters in the world, Nunisi has been well-known in the region since the 17th century. The Nunisi Balneological and Climatic Resort has been treating the sick since 1856, and is open to this day for those seeking relaxation in the wild nature.
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Nunisi Resort

Located in the southeastern part of the popular Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park in Imereti, the Nunusi Resort’s unique microclimate is created by the meeting of the forest and the healing waters. 

The air there is especially helpful for those who are suffering from diseases of the skin and nervous system, while the revivifying waters from Zvare are used for both drinking and for bathing. 

The abundance of evergreen and deciduous forests in the area work to create a serene place for vacations to seek total peace, while the clean mountain air is especially effective at rejuvenating the lungs in the spring when the pines and firs are in bloom. 

Historical Nunisi

According to legend, once, when Georgia’s unconquerable King David IV Agmashenebeli (the Builder), was returning from a battle with his soldiers, and stopped to rest at Nunisi. Their tired horses, with their flesh wounded and scratched, entered the Nunisi waters. They lay there for a long time, and when they returned, their skin had miraculously healed. 

The ancient history of Nunisi is by the local historical sights: the Monks’ Cliff and medieval church. According to legend, these two places were connected by a secret tunnel.

Mysterious Nunisi

Monks’ Cliff is a cave complex carved in two tiers above the bare escarpment.

Some people believe that Noah’s Ark once stood there. Many years ago, as a result of an unofficial expedition, a passage blocked by a boulder was discovered, leading underground. The researchers found a book titled with the name of Lazarus.

Other people believe that the cliff holds a relic related to Jesus’ crucifixion which was brought back from the holy land by order of King Tamar.

As of now, all of that is just speculation, but why not plan your own expedition to Nunusi to find out the truth? While you’re there, you can take some time to soak in the healing waters and enjoy the serenity. 

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