Rkoni – Chkopiani – Drisi Fortress

The Shida Kartli region is rich in important cultural monuments and beautiful landscapes. It is a region whose ancient history stretches all the way back to the early Bronze Age, and with a natural beauty that seems tailor-made for hiking. The Rkoni - Chkopiani - Drisi Fortress route allows you to experience both elements of Shida Kartli: its impressive natural beauty and its abundance of national monuments.
Shida Kartli

Where are Rkoni, Chkopiani, and Drisi Fortress Located?

Rkoni Village, Chkopiani Village, and Drisi Fortress are all located in the Tedzami River valley, two hours from Tbilisi.

The thirteen-kilometre route is of intermediate difficulty, with the inclined path taking about five hours. 

Where does the Rkoni – Chkopiani – Drisi Fortress Route Start?

The hike starts in the centre of Rkoni Village, and first takes you to the 11th-century Ikvi St. George Church. 

From there the path continues into a forest, soon leading you to an 8th-9th-century church in Chachubeti Village.

From here, you’ll take a descending path to Chkopiani Village, from which only about 1.5 kilometres remain until you reach Drisi Fortress.

Drisi Fortress, which is built on a cliff on the left bank of the Tedzami River, is a monument of Georgian architecture from the late Feudal Period. The wall, the four-story tower within it, and a small hall-type church remain today, but in its prime there were also a palace and agricultural buildings.

Two paths lead up to Drisi Fortress. One comes from the east through a forest, while the other comes from the west. 

Only ambitious hikers should attempt the second route, as it is a rather difficult hike.

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