Rkoni to Ateni Sioni Hike

If you like adventure tourism and are interested in ancient architectural monuments, then the 30-kilometer trail from the village of Rkoni to Ateni Sioni will be an exciting adventure for you. This unforgettable stretch of road will allow you to get to know one of the most impressive parts of the Shida Kartli Region.
Shida Kartli

Where are Rkoni and Ateni Sioni?

Rkoni and Ateni are in Kaspi Municipality, in Shida Kartli Regions, approximately two hours drive from Tbilisi, and there is an interesting, moderately difficult, hiking trail that connects these two villages to one another. 

How is the Hiking Trail?

Considering the difficulty of the route and the length of the trail, it takes two days to cover the distance.

The First Day

The journey starts in the center of Rkoni and at first, the path takes you to John the Baptist Church in Tsiteltskaro Village and then to the village of Luli. The trail goes through a mountainous areas, offering beautiful views around the area. Luli Village is the most convenient campsite for the first day of the journey. Here you will easily find a suitable place for your tent.

The Second Day

From Lula Village, you’ve got around nineteen kilometers to go before you reach Ateni Sioni.

You’ll begin the day by following the path up towards the Razmati Mountain Range, where you’ll behold a truly breathtaking view. After enjoying the view, you’ll continue your journey towards the clifftop St. George Church, finishing your hike with the descent into the Tana River Valley. It is here that you’ll find the famous Ateni Sioni Church.

Ateni Sioni

Ateni Sioni is a mid-7th-century crossed-dome church, whose walls preserve unique Georgian inscriptions from different time periods. You will also find fragments of ancient decoration within.

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