Rkoni to Gostibe Hike

If you’re looking for adventure, stunning natural beauty, and incomparable historical and cultural monuments, you’ll find all this and more on the hiking and mountain biking path from Rkoni to Gostibe village. In the summer this place is completely covered in greenery, while the colorful foliage in autumn is unforgettably beautiful.
Shida Kartli

Where are Rkoni and Gostibe?

Rkoni and Gostibe are villages in Akhalkalaki Community in Kaspi Municipality, reachable within a two-hour drive from Tbilisi.

How is the Hiking Trail?

The trail starts in Rkoni with a dirt road that crosses over the river several times. This is followed by a mixed forest, in which you’ll find picnic areas where you can have a rest, eat a snack, and gather your energy for the rest of the journey.

The trail becomes somewhat more difficult after the picnic area. After passing through the ruined mountain city of Chavchavi, you will find yourself in Gostibe Village, where exceptionally beautiful landscapes await you year-round.

The entire trail is about ten kilometres long, taking about four hours to complete. 

Those wishing to undertake the hike should be well-prepared, wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as bringing enough food and water to sustain themselves during the hike.

Which Cultural and Historical Monuments are There to See?

In addition to the immense natural beauty you’ll encounter along the way, you’ll also find a great many historic sites on the path to Gotsibe. 

Around Rkoni, you’ll find the 7th-century Rkoni Monastery Complex, before encountering the Ikvi Church of Saint George about two kilometers farther along.

You’ll also find the Mother of God Church and Tamar’s Bridge near Chachubeti Village, while Gostibe Village is home to its own Saint George Church, as well as a cemetery and ruined tower on the slopes of the mountain nearby. These are the last remnants of an ancient ruined city.

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