Rustavi History Museum

Rustavi History Museum was founded in 1950, following the initiative of Giorgi Lomtatidze, one of the first Georgian archeologists.
Kvemo Kartli

What to see at Rustavi Museum of History? 

The artifacts preserved in the museum will introduce you to the cultural heritage of this medieval Georgian city.

Rustavi is one of the oldest areas in Georgia. The name “Rustavi” means “source of the spring” and was given to the region to in reference to the canal created to irrigate the fields. Its vicinity to the trade roads, coupled with its artisanship, metal, and glass production, transformed Rustavi into a local centre in the V-VIII centuries. 

Archeological expeditions have discovered artefacts from the 19th century till 18 century BCE in Rustavi city and nearby Gardabani. 

The museum holds a total of 28 711 exhibits, including items made from clay, china, and glass, combat and work tools, bronze, silver, and golden jewelry, carnelian and stone stamps, numismatic and ethnographic collections, items of modern art. 

On the second floor of the museum you can find paintings created with spiderwebs instead of color and pencils.

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