Sairme Zipline

The balneological resort of Sairme is located in Baghdati municipality in the Imereti region. Besides scenic views, fresh air, mineral waters, and healing baths, it also offers you the extreme thrill of ziplining.

The Route of Sairme Zipline

Sairme Zipline has two sections, 500 m and 300 m long, respectively. Descending on the 500-meter-long zipline, you pass the picturesque views of forested mountains. The descent takes about 40-50 seconds.

Afterwards, you can board the 300-meter section that takes you over a hotel and the surroundings. 

Descending the second section takes about 30-35 seconds.

Opening Season

Ziplining in Sairme is available throughout the whole year.

Safety Precautions 

Sairme Zipline has modern equipment and safety systems in place. In addition, experienced instructors will ensure that you have one of the best experiences of your life.

What do you need to know before you go ziplining?

Ideally, you have no fear of heights, while the permitted body weight varies from 30 kg to 130 kg.

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