Sakazhia Cave - Natural Monument in Imereti

Sakazhia cave is the first Paleolithic monument where primitive men lived in Transcaucasia.

6-meter high, 30-meter long, and 30-meter wide, this horizontal karst cave is located near Godogani village in Imereti Region, on the left slope of the Tskaltsitela River Valley. Discovered in 1914, this cave is quite close to the important touristic places of Imereti Region: it is 11 km away from Kutaisi and 1.5 km away from the Motsameta monastery

In the 100 square meters area examined, the speleologists found bones of the cave bear, rhinoceros, elk, noble deer, bison, Caucasian ibex, boar, and other animals; A fragment of a Neanderthal man's upper jaw and individual teeth were also found. In the archeological layers, flint, basalt, quartz, scrapers, knives, and other tools, and about 3000 artifacts were found.


Please note that for a trip to the cave, it is mandatory to obtain permission from the administration of Imereti Caves Protected Areas.

There is no tourist infrastructure in the cave.

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