Sakhizari Cliff Natural Monument

Sakhizari Cliff Natural Monument

When travelling around Georgia, you discover that nature really makes miracles happen. You will see, with your own eyes, masterpieces of natural beauty. One such wonder is the Sakhizari Cliff Natural Monument, located around Sioni village, in Kazbegi Municipality, 3,136 meters above sea level.

What Is Sakhizari Cliff Natural Monument?

Sakhizari is a complex of eroded pillars formed on Kabarjina Mountain.

Kabarjini Mountain is a 3141-meter-high extinguished volcano that creates a captivating rocky massif on the northern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains.

Centuries ago, the nearby population would take refuge in those cliffs during times of war, thus the name “sakhizari” (meaning “place of refuge” in Georgian). On the slopes of the mountain grow evergreen “alpine rose” bushes, which have beautiful, bell-shaped, pinkish-yellowish flowers.

The nearest inhabited point to the natural monument is the village of Sioni, located 144 kilometres away from Tbilisi.


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