Sam Raan Spa & Wellness Center

Sam Raan Spa & Wellness Center

The Sam Raan Spa & Wellness Center is a place where “A Thousand and One Nights” and the story of Cleopatra’s beauty come to life.

What Does Sam Raan Spa & Wellness Center Offer?

A beautiful interior of Asian motifs, a pool decorated with mosaics, hot water baths, an Eastern bath, a Dead Sea pool, and a Himalayan salt room create a mystical environment, transporting you into a realm where miracles seem possible.

If you want to feel like Cleopatra, there is a special package known as Cleopatra. In a rose aromatherapy milk bath, you will be treated with chocolate and a Cleopatra cocktail. Transforming yourself into a charming and seductive diva, you undergo a body moisturizing wrap procedure. Meanwhile, the Prima package, on the other hand, offers you a relaxing essential oils massage.

There are other massages available including a herbal compress, and hot rocks, as well as Balinese, Thai, Swedish, tandem, and couples massages. 

As an added bonus, the special oligomer procedure, wine therapy for the body, Ayurveda, and Ashiatsu are all hallmarks of Sam Raan Spa & Wellness Center.

Don’t forget that after your spa treatments, further relaxation awaits at the Dead Sea pool, bath, and Asian baths.

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